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The 2021 membership fee for a family (Father, Mother & 2 x children) is R250.00 for the 12 months and R180 for pensioners. For that your family has free access for 2 days in the 12 month period to Rietvlei as well as 4 other Reserves managed by the City Council in Pretoria.

Friends of Rietvlei may volunteer to offer, free of charge, their knowledge, labour and physical effort on the projects they are doing mostly on Saturdays.


Membership Fee is R250.00 per family per year and includes:
Main Member
+ 1 Adult
+ 2 Children under the age of 18

Terms & Conditions

The holder of a Friends of Rietvlei card + 1 adult and 2 children under the age of 18 years are entitled to 2 X per year, visits free of charge, to each of the reserves of City of Tshwane, for the year that the membership card is valid. The reserves are mentioned on the card.

Die houer van die Vriende van Rietvlei kaart + 1 volwassene en 2 kinders onder die ouderdom van 18 jaar is geregtig om 2 X per jaar gratis toegang tot elkeen van die Reservate van Stad van Tshwane, vir die jaar wat die lede kaartjie geldig is. Die reservate word op die kaart genoem.

Since I, the undersigned, (*and the above minor(s)) of whom I am the parent and / or guardian wish to undertake a *hike / horse ride / night drive / activity in the Rietvlei Nature Reserve at my own request and risk, I, in my personal capacity (* and in my capacity as parent and / or guardian of the mentioned minor(s)), indemnify the City of Tshwane, its employee(s), sponsor(s), or agent(s) against and hold it / them harmless for any claims, actions, causes of actions or lawsuits and claims from motives of fairness, of any nature whatsoever, legal which may arise from undertaking the foregoing hike / horse ride / night drive / activity, irrespective of whatever any such claim may be ascribed to a negligent act or omission on the part of the Council, its employee(s), Sponsor(s), or agent(s).

(* Whichever is applicable)

Aangesien ek, die ondergetekende (* en die bovermelde minderjarige(s)) van wie ek die ouer en / of voog op eie versoek en risiko ‘n * Staproete / perderit / nagtoer / aktiwiteit in die Rietvlei Natuurreservaat wil onderneem, vrywaar en stel ek, in my persoonlike hoedanigheid (* en in my hoedanigheid as ouer en / of voog van bovermelde minderjarige(s)), die Stad van Tshwane, en werknemer(s), borg(e), of agent(e) skadeloos teen enige eise, aksies, oorsake van aksies of regsgedinge en vordering van billikheidsgronde, van welke aard ook al, regskostes party, wat mag voortspruit uit die onderneming van vermelde *staproete / perderit / nagtoer / aktiwiteit, ongeag of enige eise toegeskryf word aan die nalatige handeling of versuim aan die kant van die Stadsraad, sy werknemer(s), borg(e) of agent(e).

(* Enige van die toepassings)